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Hiking experiences for mountain guides and packhorses Brochure 2017 edition

For the 2017 hiking season, Swiss Post has published a brochure with 10 customized hiking experiences for families, including numerous tips and tricks. The latest hikes throughout Switzerland are still up-to-date and are located in the following regions:

  • Räuberwald (Robbers’ Wood) (Vaud) – the bandits’ hideout
  • Jurassic Park (Jura) – through the dinosaurs’ forest
  • Sensory thrills (Berne) – crossing green hills into a world for the senses
  • Alpine view (Aargau) – on ridge paths to the dwarf castle
  • Woodcutters (Thurgau) – stalking beavers in the twilight
  • Trout (Obwalden) – through the Aa Gorge into the Valley of Angels
  • Petting zoo (Graubünden) – an adventure park with a picture-perfect view
  • Castle ghosts (Ticino) – three mighty castles and a place full of secrets
  • Native American village (Valais) – wild west with a view of the Matterhorn
  • Mineral water (Berne) – adventure by the water and in the trees

Hiking experiences brochure from 2017

Hiking experiences brochure

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