Ittingen charterhouse – Stammheim (Thurgau)

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Ittingen charterhouse – Stammheim (Thurgau) Friars, knights and wine growers

An old monastery, an impressive ruined castle and magnificent vineyards line this easy hike from the Ittingen charterhouse to Stammheim in the Zurich wine region, which is a good hike to do at almost any time of year. After an initial short ascent, the route is mainly flat.

The highlights

  • Ittingen charterhouse: monks from the Carthusian order lived and worked here for seven centuries. The monastery was dissolved in 1848. Today the spacious grounds house a seminar center, a restaurant and the Thurgau Art Museum.
  • Helfenberg ruins: the picturesque medieval complex is an ideal location for a rest with a view: it is equipped with a large firepit, from which you can gaze over the ring of mountains from Tödi to the Bernese Alps.
  • Lake Nussbaum: hikers can freshen up in hot weather at several public swimming areas.
  • Oberstammheim: numerous well-preserved timber-frame houses shape the face of the wine-growing village.

“Ittingen charterhouse – Stammheim” hike

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