Remigen (Aargau)

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Remigen (Aargau) A mini mountain and an ancient vineyard

Extensive forests, meadows and compact villages: away from the bustling Aaretal valley, there are exceptionally rural areas in Aargau. The hike from Wil (Aargau) to Remigen over the Laubberg will take you into one of Switzerland’s oldest wine-growing regions.

The highlights

  • Laubberg: The “summit” is not even 650 meters high, but feels like a real mountain thanks to an amazing view. There is a picnic area with a firepit 200 meters south of the chapel.
  • Bürerhorn: an artillery observation bunker was built in this large clearing with a wide vantage point during the Second World War. Today the bunker is part of a fortress museum.
  • Remigen museum vineyard: the village has similar climatic conditions to Burgundy. To supply their legionnaires, the Romans cultivated grapes here more than 2000 years ago. In the “Horn” wine-growing area, a small antique vineyard was laid some years ago. Here, as in ancient times, the grape vines are wrapped around long wooden stakes.

“Remigen” hike

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