Val Calnègia (Ticino)

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Val Calnègia (Ticino) Unspoilt mountain landscape in Ticino

In the amazing, practically untouched mountainous landscape of Val Calnègia, there are some unusual sights to discover, such as an underground stream and hidden houses. You hike to the alpine hamlet of Calnègia before retracing your steps to return to the starting point in Foroglio.

The highlights

  • Puntid stone arch bridge: a magnificent, elegant little stone arch bridge spans the Calnègia mountain stream above the waterfall.
  • Disappearing stream: in the Gerra area between Puntid and the Calnègia mountain, a thick layer of gravel fills the river bed for a length of several hundred meters, so the mountain stream disappears temporarily underground.
  • Invisible houses: numerous giant blocks of rock lie strewn on the valley floor. Beneath some of them, cheese cellars, cattle sheds or even living quarters were built. If you look closely, you can discover some of these “Splüi” (rock constructions) even today.

“Val Calnègia” hike

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