Val da Camp (Graubünden)

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Val da Camp (Graubünden) A blue jewel in a green mountain forest

One of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Alps is in Val da Camp. You can go on an easy and varied mountain hike from Alp Camp to reach Lagh da Saoseo. On the way, there is another gem: the mountain lake Lagh da Viola.

The highlights

  • Lagh da Saoseo: the crown jewel of the valley is renowned for being one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the whole Alpine region. From afar, the shimmering water is cobalt blue. But when you stand on the shore, it seems so clear that you can make out each individual stone at the bottom of the lake.
  • Lagh da Viola: another beautiful mountain lake. If you look past the turquoise-blue surface of the water away from the valley, you can see the south side of the Piz Palü mountain which is covered by a glacier. The large, flat meadow to the west of the lake is a perfect place to rest. The mouth of the mountain stream is an ideal place to play, make a dam or paddle.

“Val da Camp” hike

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