Versoix (Geneva)

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Versoix (Geneva) Enchanting forests

On its short route from France to Lake Geneva, the Versoix stream crosses enchanting riverside forests. This route follows the waterway, sometimes very near it, sometimes at an appropriate distance, on the riverside path from Chavannes-de-Bogis to the mouth of the river in the small town of Versoix.

The highlights

  • Versoix: despite its modest length of just 27 kilometers, the stream is full of water even at the height of summer. Like a mountain stream, it darts with overwhelming force and impressive speed between the trees of the riverside forests.
  • Combes Chapuis nature reserve: magnificent oak forests, meadows and swamps along the stream form a magical landscape. Animals such as the agile frog, golden oriole, roe deer and wild boar call the nature reserve home. Various paths cross the nature reserve, some of which run directly beside the water.

“Versoix” hike

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