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On the trail together Swiss Post is the main partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation.

In cooperation with the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, Swiss Post provides unique hiking experiences for young and old.

Hiking is the Swiss people’s number one sport. As the main partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, Swiss Post is committed to supporting this unique 65,000 km network of trails. But far more connects Swiss hiking trails with Swiss Post than just the colour yellow. The signs on the hiking trails are just as much part of Switzerland as Swiss Post is. Going beyond language borders, regions and even generations, hiking trails and Swiss Post form part of Switzerland’s identity, representing quality and reliability.

By carrying out hiking projects, Swiss Post is promoting hiking as a sport, while at the same time remaining committed to creating attractive activities and platforms for people living in Switzerland – particularly for families.

Why not try something new? We would be happy to give you a few tips. We hope you have many great hiking experiences!

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