“Alice in Wanderland”

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“Alice in Wanderland” – a special kind of hiking fun for the whole family! “Coop family hike”

What would happen if ...

... a good bedtime story came true the very next day?
... the characters came to life and people young and old suddenly found they were part of the story?
... this entertaining experience for the whole family already existed?

Swiss Post, the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation and Hotz’n’Plotz, an event agency for children and families, are bringing famous children’s stories to life with the “Coop Family Hike”.

From 2018, the series of events will take place in 10 different locations throughout Switzerland. Each year, a different story will be the focus. And there will be a challenge which cannot be solved without both the young and old adventurers.

On a circular hike surrounded by nature, the characters of the story will present age-appropriate tasks and puzzles to the brave hikers. The games on the way will help the children and their parents to make the story take a turn for the better.

A special kind of hiking fun for the whole family! Participation is free of charge. Register yourself and your family and collect your personal gift at the Swiss Post stand.

Audio “Alice in Wanderland” (MP3, 23 MB) (German version)

Hiking song “Alice in Wanderland” (MP3, 4.1 MB)

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