Swiss Hiking Night

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Swiss Hiking Night 2018 Out and about while the world sleeps

The official Swiss Hiking Night will take place this year on Saturday, 23 June 2018. Numerous hikes will take place simultaneously on the national hiking night, so there is not just a single event. The individual hikes are of various lengths, take place in different locations and each have their own level of difficulty.

Swiss Post is supporting selected Hiking Night routes which are especially suitable for families. Participants will benefit from reduced participation fees and will receive a small present handed over by Swiss Post.

You too are invited to take on one of the varied hiking routes with those you love.

The following hikes are supported by Swiss Post:

Information about the official Swiss Hiking Night

Swiss Hiking Night 2017 How the hiking night went

The Swiss Hiking Night 2017 took place on 8 July 2017. As the main partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, Swiss Post organized three eventful hikes itself for young and old alike. Read the brief report on each of the family night hikes and check out the photos.